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MOI QATAR OR Ministry of Qatar info

Moi Qatar means Ministry of Interior Qatar is used in Doha and its other related regions. Doha is the capital of Qatar. It is basically an online service providing a website portal where you can find out the information about these service providers and the complete details of the services. It provides general information that is necessary for Doha citizens to know in daily life.

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Moi Qatar ServicesMinistry of Qatar or Moi Qatar provides security, safety, and stability of the society which includes civil and national administration and it holds the ownership program, it also provides an operation of a police academy. This ownership type is of government while the country of incorporation is Qatar and its primary sector is governmental institutions. Ministry of Qatar provides security to the Qatari community. It also provides stability to the developmental plans which are started across Qatar.

Moi Qatar Available Services

Moi Qatar provides different services to its citizens and the customers by online service providing website portal for the ease and convenience of the community. These services are very helpful and include the different categories to be improved. The ministry of interior according to its strategy and the plans of the services departments gives high priority for easing the delivery of its services for the citizens with the aim of reducing the efforts and time consumed for getting these services. It also provides services that lead towards the development and modernity of Qatar. It provides services due to the increase in population and projects are also going towards expansion.

  • You can check your Qatar ID status online by visiting the MOI Qatar website services.
  • Ministry of Interior Qatar provides a facility to check visa status online by using passport number or date of birth.
  • The MOI Qatar also checks traffic violations and plays a role in implementing the traffic rules to every Qatari citizen and if anyone is going to violate these rules then it will be reported and will be charged.
  • Ministry of Qatar helps the out of country citizens by giving them permission to enter Qatar if their Visa is expired. These persons can be identified by Qatar ID and they are permitted to enter Qatar.
  • Ministry of Qatar also provides the facility of visa extension for the individuals if they want to extend their visa, then the MOI Qatar creates no problems in visa extension.
  • Ministry of Qatar also helps with visa extension for your family which is done by online website portal.
  • Ministry of Qatar also provides an online jobs facility for a person who is eligible and fulfills their job criteria with a good salary package.
  • Moi Qatar provides an online tax payment facility and moves huge traffic of people into tax reforms.
  • Ministry of Qatar also checks the residency details of the out of country persons by checking and verifying their documents.
  • Ministry of Interior Qatar provides the consumer and traders entry by getting advantage from them and also providing them benefits.
  • Ministry of Interior Qatar responsible for entry and exit and also controls it.

MOI Qatar Helpline or Contact Channels 

Ministry of Interior Qatar provides different contact numbers for different purposes to help people at the right time without facing any difficulty. These numbers are given as

  • 2367111 this number is of Ministry of interior helpline center.
  • 999 is used for police helpline and ambulance or in case of fire
  • The 991 helplines are used for electricity and water services.
  • 180 is used for book service.
  • 992 helpline is used in case of any emergency or problem.
  • For general information from the ministry of interior Qatar, a phone number which is used is 974 4330000, while you can fax at 974 4449228.
  • A website that can be used to access the ministry of interior Qatar is
  • Contact center inside Qatar can be reached through telephone by this number 109.
  • Ministry of Interior Qatar information can also be received through social media contacts like Facebook and Twitter.